BBQ Cocktail Menu

Off The Grill

Gourmet ingredients cooked fresh by one of our chefs and passed to your guests hot off the grill

Seared Duck Breast

Juicy medium rare and skewered for easy eating
Finished with orange chipotle glaze

Herb Crusted Lamb Rack

Cooked medium rare to order and served on the bone.
Finished with pomegranate syrup

Cashew Chicken Skewer

Cashew sauced and crusted
Drizzled with brandy caramel sauce

Caramelized Pineapple

Grilled with brown sugar to a caramel crisp outside
Sauced in Cointreau crème anglaise

Placed Arrangements

For nibbling and grazing

Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Imported and domestic cheeses and cured meats attractively displayed on black slate tile
Accompaniments of fresh berries, nuts and spreads
Served with assortment of breads and crackers

Cold Seafood Display

A variety of shellfish and mollusks served on ice
Including prawns, mussels, oysters, and lobster tail
Accompaniments of seafood sauce and flavored aiolis

Cold canapés

Watermelon Salad on Asian Spoon

Tomato confit, pistachios, and balsamic glaze

Chilled Cucumber Mint Soup

Parmesan crisp garnish

Garden Shooters

Fresh vegetables with roasted garlic aioli for dipping

Dessert Buffet

A selection of 1-2 bite desserts
Brownies, crème brulee, lemon tarts, cookies, cream puffs and a fresh fruit display


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